Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WOYWW #211

I haven't posted to WOYWW in the last few weeks because showing a messy  DIY zone was getting a bit I'm posting today so guess what that means? It's about DONE! Here is what it looks like today:

Here is a small glance at my little craft room corner and what's on my new desk. I'm painting shelves for a little vestibule on the wall behind me (a pic is further down post.) I bought my hubby a new power saw for his birthday just so he could cut me some They are cut from a piece of MDF which are being painted white. I still have another coat of white to do plus varnish.

Want to see the rest of my almost complete room? Here it is!

Here are some more photos of my new craft room. Notice on the pegboard the frame isn't finished being put up. It's done now though. At the end I'm going to list the supplies and stuff I used to put my little room together. All that's left is to fill it with all my crafting goodness and go pick up my short drawer set that matches the colourful tall

I created my own stencil for this word across my wall. I used 300 gsm cardstock and cut with craft knife since my Silouette was packed away.

PEGBOARD...yeah! It was hard to find here in the UK as slatboard is what is used most in Europe YUK! This was so cheap and cheerful to put together, even the hooks were cheap. I bought white pegboard and stenciled the pattern in the blue paint. I used matt spray varnish to coat the whole pegboard so the paint wouldn't wear off so easily.

Here is the other end of my desk. I already had this set of plastic drawers. I wans't going to use them but they really did go well witht he rest of the room so now I'll get the shorter set to match for the other side. I might even get 2! Notice my hutch is back. It's not that old, about 8 months so kept that too.

This is the other wall. There is this recess in it that had these horrible homemade shelved nailed up in it. They were crooked and too thick for the small space and took them down years ago. My hubby had this good idea while waling around B&Q. Less that £25 for the metal back rails, shelf holders and the MDF we cut the shelves from. Not bad huh?

So that's my craft space. It's not that big and storage is going to be interesting but I'm a relatively new crafter so don't have a ginormous amout of stuff yet but getting there (to my hubby's chagrin.) Here is a list of the supplies I used to decorate my room and where I got them. Some items will have the prices as well since I did my best to do this on a budget. Hope you like it...I sure do. It will inspire me for a good

Desk - Ikea, Galant Corner Desk w/1 side extension in white
Hutch - Ikea, Hemnes Add on unit in white stain
Drawer Set - Hobbycraft, Really Useful Drawer Unit tall
Recess Shelving - Wickes, Single Slot Metal Upright x 2, Single Slot Brackets 150mm x10,
                              B&Q, MDF for shelves (we got it for under £10 in store, not as priced on website)

White Matt Emulsion - Homebase
Colour Paint - Wilkinson's Neptune Matt (This paint was not very nice to work with. It was too thick and had too much vinyl in to so it peels off when dry. Next time I'll get a better quality. Paint is brighter than seen on web.)

Create Word - 300 gsm cardstock printed with 1 letter per A4 sheet. Font used: Cafe Rojo
Round stencil on Pegboard - Pronty Mask Stencil 12" x 12" (I'm having my daughter add the stencil on the wall in a few more places too.)

Pegboard - White faced Perforated Hardboard (pegboard) 2440 x 1220 x 3.2mm (You can only find this stuff at timber/lumber suppliers here in the UK. Not everywhere has it in white either. The place above was only place I found that did. Ordered it online to have it picked up. Had it cut to measure.)
Hooks for Pegboard - 4" Euro Hooks
Wood for base - 1" x 2" approx. wood bars
Frame -  Wood Architraving (OK tried to get framing wood but here in the UK it's so darn expensive that it wasn't affordable to frame the 1550 x 735 mm piece of pegboard so used basic architraving cheap!)


  1. It's so lovely! What a beautiful space!

    Katie 127

  2. Wow, this is a great space, and great light too

  3. Oh my word would you just look at your amazing crafting space it looks fantastic enjoy enjoy enjoy
    have a great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #47

  4. It looks FAB FAB FAB! So worth your work! Really like the colours you've gone with, so fresh. Glad you've kept the hutch. And buying the power s

  5. Your room is coming along nicely. I just put up white pegboard too, but mine is not nearly as beautiful as yours with the stenciling. I may have to copy you. :-) April #143

  6. I thought I was in the wrong place and then I kept reading and wow it looks brilliant, I so love the color teal you have used. You are not going to know yourself soon sitting in there playing with all your new stuff and good for you. Your space looks awesome

    Belated WOYWW Greetings
    Eliza & Yoda 25


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