Friday, April 18, 2014

I Got the All Clear!

 Hi everyone! Just thought I would update you on my health. I was at the hospital ALL DAY yesterday. I got there about 9:00 am as I had an appointment with the TIA clinic at 9:30. The Dr saw me at 9:45 took a few more notes then sent me off to have a Corrotive Artery Doppler which is basically an ultrasound on my neck. After that I was off to get an MRI of my head, neck and chest. After this, hubby and I went to the cafeteria and had a bit of lunch because we had to meet the Dr back at the TIA clinic at 2:00pm for the results.

At 2:00 we were seen by the Dr again. Both my untrasound and MRI looked good. My arteries are functioning normal with no plaque build up and I have no clots or bleeding on the brain. He said I had a mini stroke. I received a booket about it and how to avoid it happening again which is all stuff I do already. Basically it said mostly about diet and exercise. I do get mild exercise considering I'm in a wheelchair. As for my diet, it's been strict since the 2nd week of January 2014.

I do not eat sugar, any artificial sweetener, caffeine (except for green tea,) wheat, bread, dairy from cows (except for Greek yogurt,) processed food, white potatoes, white rice, red meat. What I do eat is chicken and turkey breast meat only, fish rarely (YUCK), eggs, oatmeal, fruit, vegetables, fresh herbs, nuts, seeds, brown rice, quinoa, barley, lentils (YUM,) all kinds of beans. I use extra virgin olive oil to pour or dip and coconut oil if necessary to cook.  I only eat meat or fish 3-4 times per week. All my other meals are vegetarian. I use good quality non stick pans so I don't have to use oil to cook very often. I only drink water (with fresh lemon, lime or cucumber slices), herbal teas and green tea. I stay away from fruit juice as the sugars, although natual, are too concentrated and are bad for my type 2 diabetes.

I know it sounds drastic but I actually enjoy it very much. I use lots of fresh garlic, ginger, herbs and spices to cook with which give great flavour. I stay away from salt if possible but do use it on occasion so I'm not strict. I decided to eat this way for my health and to lose weight. I turn 50 yrs old this year and seems like every time I look around there are all these bad things popping up about turning 50. I also need to lose alot of weight. This has been the best for losing weight. I've lost 3 stone (approx 40 pounds) in 3 months and am still going down. I do allow myself an occasional "cheat" but I don't really think of them as cheats. A few times I've had haloumi or paneer cheese. I've also had white rice a couple of times. I keep the quantity down though.

I try to do a smoothie every once in awhile but to be honest I don't like them. I don't like the texture...thick liquid makes me gag and that's what happens most times I drink a smoothie...BLECK! One day I might get a juicer and try juicing instead. I'd still rather just eat I also do alot of "meal prepping." I cook a few times a week and make a bunch of meals at once. I'm home most of the time so I don't have to meal prep for many days at a time plus if I'm in the mood for something different I can make it when I want. but If would like to know more about how I eat and more about how to prepare meals in advance, go on YouTube and search the term "meal prepping," you will find lots of videos showing you how to do it.

Below are a few YT channels I follow for healthy eating and fitness. I enjoy these people and find them very helpful even if I don't follow all their diet tips:

Lean Secrets - (Brenda Lee Turner is her!)
Joanna Soh -
Psyche Truth -  (I only watch the videos on food ingredients which I suggest ALL American watch. She goes into all the additives and junk in USA food.)

Thanks for reading my stuff here. Hope you find something interesting!

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  1. So glad to hear you got the all clear! What a scary experience. We're looking to make some healthy eating choices in our family as well. I'll chk out the links here.


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