Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hi peeps! t's been awhile since I posted on WOYWW. Well here is what my craft desk looks like this morning:

Funny thing though...this is what it's looked like for 2 days now. I was a happy little bunny colouring in a bunch of digi stamps whne my hubby so rudely interrupted me. He dragged me away from my craft room and that was 2 days ago and I've not been back since...even to tidy up! I go by the room every once in awhile to longingly look at my lovely Copics but am feeling a bit uninspired. Bleck!

On the positive side, it's a gorgeous sunny day here is Essex and I made it actually into the room itself to take this photo. I'm going in there in a few minutes to finish that digi stamp and finsh my DT projects...I mean it, I really Go ahead and join us over at WOYWW and show us what's on your craft desk.


  1. I hope after you wrote up your post you felt inspired to finish! Look at all those lovely Copic colors!!!! #63

  2. Hi Dorothy
    Some gorgeous colouring with your markers. Hope you have a lovely day 'playing' in your craft room! Its good for the soul!
    Lynda B 60

  3. Thank you Dorothy for your lovely comment on woywdw on my blog today. I hope you find the time today to go back in your room and finish your colouring.. Weather here in North Yorkshire is quite nice today too
    x catherine

  4. I love collaring! and color, so I would be right at home here. Ithink this is my first visit here so I'm off to snoop about!
    robyn 40

  5. That is some Copic Marker heaven there! Your mermaids are so pretty. You have a knack with the markers. I have yet to learn. Thanks for the visit today! Winnie#57

  6. Morning, Dorothy - your desk and all those yummy pens look great fun. I hope you manage to get back to playing with them very soon. I wonder where in Essex you are? My Mum (90) moved up to Worcester from Southend a year ago, to live with us, but my sister & family are still there. Have a great week, Chris # 23 xx

  7. Thanks for your kind words Dorothy, yes I will miss doing my digi projects but at the moment real life has taken over

  8. It always makes me smile to see a rainbow of markers. and I dragged mine to the living room so I can nod and agree with hubs while I color ;) ~Stacy #98

  9. Oh I know that longingly looking at copics Dorothy ;D
    I'm a little late but I hope you enjoyed you peeps into WOYWW
    Have a great weekend


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