Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WOYWW 208, Happy 4 Year Anniversary!

I'm new to posting at Julia's blog for the WOYWW but this week is the 4th Anniversary of WOYWW and I'd like to wish her all the very best and also to thank her for such a great way to be a voyeur into other people's crafty worlds. It's also a great way to connect with other bloggers. Why don't you join us or at least take a peek at our

In my case my desk and ROOM is a real live mess! My craft room has taken longer than hoped because I forgot the these last few weekends my hubby was taking his FA Level 1 Football Coaches Training. The last day was this past Sunday and he passed with flying colours so it's official: My hubby is a certified FA Coach! so congratulations to him as well. Anyone need a football (soccer for us Americans) coach? He's planning on taking Level 2 next year. He will make an awesome coach and that's not just me being biased either. :D

Here is my workdesk now for WOYWW 208. As I said in a previous post, I decided to change the end wall colour to something else. Here is the red overcoated with white and paint junk all over my new desk. Tonight it will be repainted in Neptune which is basically teal blue. I've been looking for storage units for underneath the desk but I'm not finding quite what I want. Weird since I only need plastic storage drawer thingies. Either they are too tall or too expensive or too wide. I'll get there eventually though. This weekend is dedicated to finishing the craft room so hopefully by next week I'll have something more interesting on my desk beside a diy

I'm having severe craft withdrawal now. LOL Thanks for having a peek at my workdesk this week. I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. Happy WOYWW, Dorothy, and welcome! Thanks for visiting my blog. How fun to get your space redone -- my husband painted my room last year and we had new carpet put in, but it made me crazy to be out of the space for the time it took for all of that, so I know how you feel! The teal should be lovely! ~ Laura #129

  2. Hi Dorothy
    Love'n your DIY project. Would love to re-do my craft/office area, but the office part is for DH and he isn't real big on change. Should have never allowed him in here to start with...LOL
    Krisha #140

  3. Huge congrats to your hubby, and huge ones to you on being closer to getting your room done. Teal is a lovely colour and I think it's going to look great. Good luck with the hunt for storage.

    Happy anniversary,
    Love Rachel #48

  4. congrats to your husband you must be very proud of him. Your craft room looks like it is coming on
    Wishing you and everyone a Very Happy WOYWW today
    Ria #49

  5. Your craft room may be taking longer than you'd hoped but you are sure to have fun when it's done! Have you tried Dunelm Mill for storage? Happy WOYWW, Chris 130

  6. Happy 4th ...wont be long before you have an amazing craft space ...that is a large work area . Well done to your hubby ... I am sure he will get loads of work and will do well little GS is into football and has just started being coached to one ...he gets distracted in classes ...he is doing well and having so much fun ...when he gets a certain amount of control and knowledge he will join a youngsters team. xx71

  7. I’m sorry to be late in visiting but I’m now on day three of my quest to get round everyone this week. I know it’s going to take some time, but I wanted to say that it’s amazing that the internet can bring together so many likeminded people and I’m grateful that WOYWW has also brought along so many new friends, thanks to Julia.

    Your craft room is going to look beautiful when it’s finished Dorothy and I can’t wait to see it with all your stash out on show.

    Enjoy your weekly snoop, especially as we’re celebrating WOYWW’s 4th Anniversary.
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @82

  8. I can't wait to see your finished room next week. Good luck on your hunt for storage - it can be quite challenging. :-) April #125


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