Thursday, May 9, 2013


I have such a lovely Hubby. He is helping me redesign my craft room and he surprised me the other day by clearing out most of my craft room! I didn't even get a chance to take any "before" pics when the room was realllllly cluttered. What you see below is all that's left in my messy craft desk! Thought I would post this over at WOYWW to show off my

Basically what you see on my worktop is leftover bits that didn't get packed away yet and my hutch of death which isn't as orgaised as I thought it would be. :( This whole set up is going though. My new Ikea Galant corner desk with some extention parts is going in the far right corner. It will run all across the back wall and up the side wall almost to the sink. This will give me lots of counter space plus the openess underneath will hold a few more storage drawers than those cabinets above. My desk top had to be delivered though as it wouldn't fit in the arrived just over an hour ago. Yippee!

Another thing...going on the wall under the window, is pegboard! It's called perforated hardboard here in the UK. Once the desk is put together we will measure the space between the window and desktop and cut the pegboard to go in there. I got a bunch of Ikea storage buckets and rails to hang on there. This will greatly solve my problem of having to have everything lower down so I can reach them in my wheelchair. Here's another photo of the side wall where the pegboard is going (yes I have a hot AND cold water sink in my craft room:)

I desperately need new curtains on these windows. I'm not crazy about lace and I'm too short to be able to open and close curtains so I'm thinking about getting some funky black and white blinds instead. I can use a grab stck to pull the blinds up and down much easier methinks. The end wall is staying red and other walls staying white but I will be having red, black and white accents as well.

Thanks for looking and reading with me today...go do something crafty today! (I sure can't until me room is done...blah.) LOL


  1. What a wonderful hubby! Enjoy the "new" room. Have lots of fun in there.
    Margaret (glitterandglue #81)

  2. Good luck with the renovations and if Hubby is at a loss as to what can keep him occupied send him round mine, plenty of little DIY jobs need looking at

  3. Wow - I cannot wait to see your new desk installed and all the other goodies. Having a sink in your craft room is awesome. Are you sure you wnat to cover up that beautiful natural lighting with curtains?
    April #150

  4. Am very jealous of your hubby!!! Looking forward to seeing your new desk x x

  5. G'day Dorothy
    Due to my sore hands I am even slower then usual at getting around but here I am at last. As I can't create even though I have time off I decided to get to as many WOYWW players as I could till Sunday :o). Can I borrow your hubby LOL...mine doesn't do much at all but I do love him. Your room will look great once its all set up I am sure. I so wish I had IKEA here in the north of Australia but we don't sigh!!
    Annette In Oz #39


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