Thursday, May 16, 2013


Not much crafting going on in my craft room lately because the room has finally been packed up and my new desk arrived! Here is what my current desktop looks right this moment:

Very very empty. Sad isn't it? lol I do have my new desk, it's just not put together yet. Hubby of mine won't have time until Saturday to put it up. :( I still need to buy some drawers or units of some sort to go underneather the desk to store all my crafty goodness. I packed up my stuff yesterday and I found a few bits I forgot I had like these cool 12" Bazzil decorative strips and a box of pastel brads among other things. Here is the main part of my desk that's arrived:

It's HUGE. Also yesterday I received a little something in the post that I'm looking forward to working with. I'll be testing them out tomorrow so I'll report my outcome tomorrow night. Have to get in at least a little bit of crafting sometime. So until then...y'all have a wonderful blessed day!

Thanks for lookin at my sad little desk.


  1. Oh but I WANT the top bit of you desk, the shelves are so cute, I bet you are keeping that part though LOL.
    Do have a look at my group there are ladies there from near you as well. We just chat and swap and stuff, friendly little group.
    Thanks for visiting my desk BJ#1

  2. Can't wait to see the progress you make once your desk is assembled. :-)
    April #147

  3. Nice and clean and fresh. think how organised you will be. Francesca #96

  4. You will be crafting in no time, its good to have a break
    Bridget #38


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