Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Birthday to ME!

 Photo courtesy's my birthday...I'm gonna party like it's my birthday! LOL It's a BIG one too...I am 50 years young today. Hubbs asked me if I felt like an old lady...sheesh. I had to remind him that although I am older than he is, I'm not THAT much older and he will be catching me up soon enough. Then he informed me that he already felt like an old man...double sheesh!

So it's not just a special day but my birthday is lasting a few days. It started last night with Hubbs and I going to The Arsenal match at Emriates Stadium. Hubbs bough me a new home's me outside the stadium wearing it:

OK confession time.. I DETEST having my photo taken. There are many reason why I suppose, mostly it's because I've always been very overweight. I can honestly say (shockingly!) that I like this one of myself. I mean it's alright. I've really changed how I eat and it's working. I got lots more to lose and you cannot see my big roll of fat and loose skin down around my lower abdomen but hey. It's so hard to be objective of yourself, especially when you ain't so confident in how you look (like me!) Just to compare, here's a photo of me a few years ago with my daughter in Biarritz, France:

Back in April of this year (2014) I had a mini stroke. It was a huge wake up call and I decided it was time to get my health back or at least do what I could. Being a paraplegic causes all kind of health probs as well as being so fat. Drastic times called for drastic measures and after months of trying to find the best lifestyle for me, I became vegan. In fact I am a Raw Til 4 Vegan. You can find out more about this at  I love the food I eat and it's making me more aware of what I put on the inside AND outside of my body.

I know my blog is mostly about crafting and I don't go into my private life too much but I'm hoping to change that. I'd like to take my blog on a journey with me this year, my 50th year on planet Earth. I'd like you to get to know me through my faith (I'm a Christian,) my food (I'm a Vegan) and my free time (I'm a Crafter.) I hope you will join me on this journey.

Thanks for reading...have a wonderful day...God bless...and as always...



  1. Happy Birthday to you! Honestly, you don't look 50. You look fabulous!! WOW! I can see a huge change between the photo's. I look fwd to joining you on this next journey. Good for you - it'll be fun!!


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